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Our Story

The Original name was ORA group, started as family partnership as the three letters O.R.A. are the 1st letters of the kids’ names, Oliver, Rita and Amy, and their preferred colours.

After seven successful years, it was the time to move to a company structure under ORA innovations.

The name has been modelled as a reflection to the nature of the innovative services provided by the company.


The style how innovation is sketched is a reflection of the way how our services are provided.

  • √ - Represents Compliance

  • i – Torch, we explain the requirements to our potential clients that we prefer to name business partners and on acceptance of our proposal we carry the torch throughout the QMS implementation process.

  • nn – Represent the infrastructure for the System, Templates, Applications, Agreements

  • o – Represents the working together and moving forward towards the Audit and Certification stage

  • ti – Represents the time to hand over the Torch to our newly certified business partner 

  • o – Represents our ongoing training and support for the company staff to apply and maintain the implemented system and ensure it serves the company needs.

  • ns – Represents Bridging the gaps identified during the application of the new System.


  • Provided consulting services for many successful businesses Australia wide

Our services and the systems we establish at ORA innovations for various businesses have been commended by various local and international certifying bodies as reputable, effective and relevant to business needs.

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